Saturday, February 23, 2008

No new quilts, but here is an old one

I finished painting the new sewing room FINALLY! Now I need to start moving in my furniture and storage cabinets. I was really needing a file cabinet for my patterns, articles cut from quilt magazines, etc. I looked at Sam's, a bulk-buy discount store, and the four-drawer file cabinets were $85.00. Naww- too high. On the way home, I spied a putty-colored four-drawer cabinet on the side of the road at this little flea-market type place. I bought it for $5.00! I checked the drawers and they slid in and out just fine. When I got home, I pulled out the drawers and was disgusted to see lots of rust in the cabinet. Oh, well, what do you expect for five bucks! So I have cleaned, steel-wooled, painted with rust remover, and cleaned again. Now there is no rust, but I probably should paint. Tomorrow's job!

Since both my machines are in for servicing and the sewing room is OUT of service, I thought I would feature a little art quilt I did a couple years ago as part of a challenge by the Cyberbee, a group I belong to. Several of us signed up for the challenge, which featured a monthly inspiration such as a poem, song, or piece of music, and one technique drawn from a hat. This one was based on a poem by Maya Angelou called This Winter Day, and the chosen technique was Shiva Paint Sticks. The Shiva Paint Sticks were used to create the orange and green vegetables. I did some woven strips for the background. I like the back better than the front, since I prefer bright colors. Anyway, since many of you are experiencing heavy snow this weekend, here is my version of This Winter Day. The back has the poem written on the hanging sleeve. This little piece is only about 81/2 by 11".

The kitchen is in readiness
White green and other things
Leak their blood selves in the soup.
Ritual sacrifice that snaps
an odor at my nose, and starts
my tongue to march,
slipping in the liquid of its drip.
The day, silver, striped
in rain, is balked against
my window and the soup.

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