Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Remodeling and De-Cluttering

Here is the look of my sunny, cheerful, future sewing room. I finished painting everything except the inside of the two identical closets. The one window faces east, and there is a beautiful sunny glow in the morning! In my old sewing room, the window faced west, and I was blinded by the afternoon sun. In addition to painting, I packed dozens of boxes and trash bags of stuff that was being stored in the two closets and in the storage space behind the knee-wall. DH helped me carry stuff down from the third floor to the car last night.

And here is Sweet Sue, the Suburu, loaded down with Goodwill parcels in the back seat, and trash dump bags in the back. I had no idea there was so much unused stuff in that room! Bryson, if you are reading this, I did save your baseball cards!

And no, I am not throwing away a case of Jack Daniel''s just a box!

So today, it is off to the post office to mail Bryson his missing wallet, to the Goodwill, to the dump, to the County Schools office to pick up more paperwork, and back to the doctor to get a mini-physical for my employment. Busy, busy!


Nancy H, said...

Wow, you know how to pack a car! lol

As a member of the MQR ring I would love to know more about you so I'm tagging you!
Nancy H

Anonymous said...

Look here

Bryson said...

Wow, I had a lot of junk in those closets. Thanks for sending the wallet. I got it today before I went to work. Love you.