Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been shoveling my way through the red tape (or choose your own euphemism for objectionable things that must be shoveled) of a large school system, trying to be able to start teaching on February 20. That is the "start date" I was told a week ago. Hmmmn, that is now two days away and I have no letter of employment, no contract, no nothing. This morning, I called HR, and finally heard back from them after 5:00 PM. They said that the delay was because my "Criminal background check" had just come back. Did I mention that they lost the request for the background check that I signed and had notarized at HR more than a month ago? Anyway, now I am scheduled for employee orientation on February 25, to start on February 26.

So, I am trying to complete a big project before I head back to the world of the employed. One of my goals when I retired (in 2005) was to re-organize my sewing room. That still has not been achieved. My sewing room is one of two attic bedrooms that we had finished when we bought our house. Being under the eaves limits your space, but I had definitely outgrown my little room. We just moved the queen-sized bed out of the second bedroom, and I am going to take over the entire third floor! So this weekend I have been painting the first of the two rooms. It is now a sponge-painted peach with golden tones, sort of like the roses in this photo. This is going to become the new sewing room. When I move the stuff out of the former sewing room, I will paint that room as well. It will be the painting room/book room/non sewing stuff room for my projects. I have purchased a work stand with a slanted top to use for fabric painting or drawing. All the paints and books and other non-sewing or fabric stuff will go in here. All my son's remaining belongings from his old bedroom is going to the Goodwill since it has now been more than four years since he moved out. (Speak now or forever hold your peace!)

So, painting and storage solutions will take up most of my week before it's hi-ho, hi-ho time again. Anyone have an alternative to the Koala sewing furniture? I think it is about time that I replace my tote bags and Rubbermaid containers and get something workable.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

It's fun reorganizing and "touching" everything in your sewing room, isn't it!

My husband in one weekend built Sabrina an L-shaped scrapbook worktable and me and L-shaped sewing table which he covered with an ivory formica. He then put up white pegboards for both of us. The section of the L that houses my sewing machines is lower than the other side of the L. He was going to cut out the section for the sewing machine, but I actually like mine elevated a bit. It is custom to my height when sitting in my chair. Like I said it took him all of an afternoon (maybe two) and cost less than $400 for BOTH workstations. Those sewing tables (in my opinion) are way over priced and the organizational drawers, etc. are not practical (again, in my opinion!) If DH is handy (which I know he is) talk him in to building you something. (I think there are pictures of it on my blog)