Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Days

Lots going on the last few days! First, Thursday night was Quilt Bee night at Cathie's. She outdoes herself with lovely meals instead of just dessert. What a nice evening!

One of my friends brought a lovely quilt top that she appliqued, and wanted me to quilt it for her. Alas, the backing was too small. She took it back home to add some strips.

When I got home on Thursday night, my son and grandson Avery had arrived from South Carolina for the weekend. As you can imagine, I spent every spare minute being Gigi, the grandma name for me that he made up. Bryson had two friends from Virginia also spend the weekend, and they stayed gone most of the time playing golf and frisbee golf. Our son Dave joined them on Friday night, so we had a house full of men. I felt like the homecoming queen! Avery and I went to the park, dug up the weeds out of the flowerbed, and even got the grandpa to walk with us on Saturday and Sunday morning. We walked all through the new roads at the end of the neighborhood. It is very nice back there, but to me there is too much noise from the busy road behind them. Maybe when the houses are built, the noise will be less conspicuous.
This was Avery's face when it was time to leave for home. I probably looked the same. I hated to see them go!