Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Day at School

It is hard to go to work at a school when it is not the beginning of the school year. All the procedures are new to me. If you read #7 on my tag list last week, you know I get lost easily, too! So I spent some time today wandering the building. First things first: where is the faculty bathroom? (Hey, I'm 57 years old, that's important!) Everyone has been very nice to me, but no one was ready for me. Turns out I have a roommate! Another retired teacher is teaching remedial reading and math in the same trailer. She just started a couple weeks ago. I think we will get along well, and it is nice to have another adult in the room. I observed all the third grade classes today and met some of the students.

We may divide up the students so that one of us teaches just math, and the other just reading. That would definitely make planning time easier!

Speaking of school-age children, here is a little quilt I made as a challenge at one of the Capital Quilters Guild shows a few years ago. The quilts were donated to one of the public libraries, and they were to illustrate a children's book. I have always loved Island of the Blue Dolphins, so I illustrated the strong female character who was left behind on a Pacific Island when her tribe abandoned it. I don't have any detail pics, but I like the bottom section the best, which represents the ocean life and the dolphins of the title. When I was in San Francisco, I purchased lots of buttons to sew in, which represent fish, sand dollars, etc. This quilt is now hanging in the Southeast Regional Library in Garner, NC.

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katelnorth said...

I remember that book fondly myself. I wonder if my elder DD would like it - maybe still a tiny bit too old for her...