Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Toy

Got my first "Smartphone" a couple days ago.  Apple i-Phone 4s.

Have done very little since then except play with it!

I downloaded a GPS program with voice directions.  Man, where was this gadget back when I was driving over several states to take my boys to swim meets?  I got lost so many times. 

To try out the GPS and the camera phone, I loaded Kasey into the car and drove to Joyner Park on the north end of Wake Forest.  There are several new roads in my area which confused it a bit, but I was pleased with the maps and directions.

And I am in love with the camera!   Here are some shots from today's walk.

Pond along greenway

Beautyberry bush near parking lot

Non-stop roses

Woodsy path on greenway

Formal garden and homestead

This is way too much fun!

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Katie said...

Well gosh. I have an iPhone 4. I think I'm jealous. The photos are wonderful!