Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Weekend

It was a great party on Saturday...good weather, good food, good friends, good music...and I got to dance with my daddy!

On Sunday, my sister Katy, Dad, Charlie and I went to lunch at a new restaurant at Lafayette Village in Raleigh.  The shopping area has faux European architecture.

At Simply Crepes, they cook the crepes behind a glass screen so you can watch them being made.

The menu was very enticing, with lots of fresh ingredients.  I selected the Tarragon Chicken Crepe.

Dad's Seafood Crepe came wrapped up like a little sack of goodness.

Katy opted for the onion soup and salad.  What a gorgeous plate!

The dining area is illuminated with many gorgeous chandeliers.

It was a nice way to end our weekend visit.

But next time I might start with the dessert crepes!

The late afternoon sun cast long shadows across our back yard and lit up the colorful foliage.

The golden sunshine made me feel even happier!

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