Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Quilt Barns

We are having a wonderful time up here in the chilly, windy, but beautiful North Carolina mountains.  We have been on several excursions and enjoyed the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  Yesterday we went to the New River General Store.

On the way I saw lots of new quilt squares added to barns and storage buildings.  This is one of the prettiest yet, a log cabin block that literally glowed.

Here is a Lemoyne Star.

Both Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Ollie were on this hay barn, looking like signs on rest room doors.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is closed for repairs to the stone guardrails on the way from Sparta to Laurel Springs, but we were able to travel as far as the Stone Mountain overlook.  Beautiful!

The clouds were lined up in formation like they were marching above the mountain ridges.

The day before, we went for a visit to our friends Tom and Vicky's farm in West Jefferson.  We all enjoyed seeing their beautiful garden and orchards. She still had some towering sunflowers.

This is the hillside behind Tom and Vicky's house.

Tom let us load up with apples for the deer.

Not to mention some pumpkins.  The trailer was loaded for Tom's son to take to the Farmers Market the next day.

When we got back, we went up the mountain and put out some of the apples for the deer.  We had a couple buckets outside of our garage last night, and the deer came right to the house and munched on some of them!

Kasey looked like a dog angel with a halo around her as she ran ahead through the meadow.

Tomorrow is the first Monday of the month, which means my art quilt bee meets.  We are going to do some faux screen printing and play with Inktense color blocks.  Can't wait!

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Melinda Evaul said...

I love quilt barns. My website contains many pictures my husband and I found while traveling for my novel research or book signings.
My book, "Grow Old With Me," is quilt related. My next one will feature a quilt barn painter.
Glad I found your blog. Nice to connect with another quilt barn enthusiast.
I grew up in NC. The mountains there have MANY lovely quilt barns.