Monday, October 17, 2011

Mountain Beauty

I am back from a practically perfect mountain weekend with my family.  We drove up on Thursday night and arrived in a torrential storm in the darkness.  What a treat to wake up Friday morning to glorious sunshine and beautiful fall color!

Charlie and I went to town for groceries via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Incredible vistas!

We have been stopping each week at this farm below Mount Jefferson to photograph the changing fall colors.  Wow!

Then we had to take a Gator ride up our own mountain.  Double wow!

Our kids arrived later on Friday.  We drove back down the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday to visit the Trading Post in Glendale Springs. Here are Lily and Emily by the incredible flower boxes on the front porch.

The quilts lend an authentic mountain craftsmanship feel.

The aprons made a colorful display.

Here is some jewelry and another quilt on display.

The beaded glassware looked beautiful shining next to the window.

But the real shining jewels were the colorful leaves shining in the sunshine on the mountains.

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