Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Autumn Quits and Autumn Scenery

I recently copied some pictures off one of our old computers onto a CD, so I thought I would share a few of the autumn-inspired quilts.

This one is called Autumn Wedding.  I participated in a Sharon Craig challenge with 13 members of the Cyberbee.  We all got the pattern for the eight-inch star block and about a half yard of a bittersweet print fabric. 

I used my star blocks in the outer border.  These blocks were incredibly difficult to piece! And they all looked different depending on the placement and colors of the fabrics each quilter chose to use.


The large center medallion and the smaller stars in the border are from a commercial pattern called Star Spin.  I love the colors and the glow in the this quilt.  I gave it to my son Bryson and his wife, who had an October wedding.

The marriage sadly did not last, but Bryson still has the quilt.

The next quilt was made by Nancy Kinane of Capital Quilters Guild.  I quilted it for her.  Usually Nancy does her own quilting by hand, but she wanted this one finished in time for a grand-daughter's graduation.  It remains one of my favorite quilting jobs of all time.

Another customer quilt was made by my friend Carolyn Ormond.  I believe the pattern was called Chutney.  She hung the finished quilt over her sofa, and I always enjoyed seeing it when The Whacky Ladies met at her house.

The last quilt for today is made from the Turning Twenty quilt pattern.  It is practically on fire with bright autumn colors.  I think I saw this one at the Hartsville, SC Swamp Fox Quilt Guild show several years ago.

I got some good news medically this week:  my Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left leg has completely resolved, and I can now discontinue the hated anti-coagulant medicine.  I decided to celebrate by taking Kasey for a walk at Mill Bridge Nature Park this morning.  I walked from the Rolesville end to the Trail head at the other end of my street.  It rained last night, and it was partly cloudy and partly sunny.  The trees are starting to change color here.

We did not run into any deer, just a squirrel and a few turtles sunning themselves.

Don't pick the pretty red leaves...Poison Ivy!

Don't pick these either...Poison Sumac!

I even walked Kasey down to the creek where she enjoys long sips of waters near the cascades.

My sprained ankle is still bothering me after three months, but I am going to continue my walks.  I have missed them!

After seeing all the colors starting to turn in our Wake Forest landscape, I can't wait to get to the North Carolina mountains this weekend.  It should be "the peak" weekend for leaf viewing in Ashe County.

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