Friday, October 7, 2011

Bee Season

Today I will show you what two of my quilt bees have been up to this week.

On Monday, the Anything Art bee met at Roberta's to explore the "Faux Silk Screen" technique.  This was featured in an article by Patricia Gaignat in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.

Roberta had already made lots of samples, making cute high-heeled shoes and men's shirt and ties quilts.  Basically, you make a sketch, draw it onto self-stick craft foam, and cut it apart into sections.  Adhere the sections to clear plastic, such as deli packages that you have cut apart.  Coat the foam stamps with paint.  We used Speedball Fabric Screen Printing ink.  You could also use acrylic paint.

You stamp the image in sections, using different colors of paint.  Here is a cupcake that I made from one of Roberta's foam stamp sets.  I think the pattern was provided by Cloth Paper Scissors.

The foam stamps were scored with a tracing wheel and a sharp instrument to add additional lines to the patterns.

We each tried making our own stamps.  I tried just a simple two-piece tree.

This is an easy method of making stamps from inexpensive materials, and being able to split the stamped images into different colors.

If you are a member of Cloth Paper Scissors, you can see a much more elaborate example of this process on their Online Resource web site.

The Whacky Ladies Bee met last night at Sharon's house.  I got five of us in my little Subaru to drive out to the country in Franklinton together.  With four people navigating for me, we did not get lost on the way there or back.  We had a good show-and-tell.  Mary had made two quilts for babies out of the Warm Wishes pattern.  (Sorry, some of these pictures are a bit out of focus---no one held still long enough!)

I loved the backing fabric on this one.

Mary also made some really nice quilted place mats.

Lori created a fabulous Halloween wall-hanging from her original design.  Several of the Halloween motifs were done on her embroidery machine.

Sharon also had a Halloween wall hanging.

I love my quilt bees and the friendships that have developed from our monthly meetings.

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