Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Time

My brother-in-law is a former dairy farmer.  He plants by old Southern and mountain folklore.  It's time to plant the garden when the oak leaves are the size of  mouse ears.  These oak leaves are more the size of the whole mouse.

The traditional day for planting the garden is Easter Monday.  That is so late this year that I am starting a little early.  I double-dug the bed for my cutting garden yesterday.  This was much easier before I was sixty!  Today I will plant zinnias and marigolds.

My neighborhood is starting to look rather beautiful as the trees fill out and the flowering shrubs are in their glory.

When we moved into our house seventeen years ago, there was not a blade of grass or a single tree in our front yard.  It was nothing but dirt.

We did all our own landscaping.  I am so happy that we dug all those holes and lugged five-gallon buckets of water to the trees to get them started.  When we sit on our front porch, we are screened from the road and the neighbors.

In front of the house I planted an island of shrubs which attract birds and butterflies.  Behind us are many acres of woods and a creek.  It is good being surrounded by nature.

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ButtonMad said...

Nothing quite like a tree...and planting for the future pleased you are able to enjoy all the hard work of the former years!