Friday, April 8, 2011

Christmas Tree Quilt

Here is a Christmas quilt that I just finished for my customer Teresa's mother.  Aren't these ladies kind to get their holiday quilts made so far ahead of time!  They are definitely beating the Christmas rush!

Again, there is a contemporary fabric selection with non-traditional colors.  The chocolate brown background fabric has lovely, lacy snowflakes in a light aqua color.

I used a similar shade of thread called Misty Jade by Signature, and did a snowflake meander.

This would have been fairly simple, EXCEPT

the trees are only attached to the quilt at the trunk and base of the tree.  The triangular portion is doubled fabric that is open at the sides.  The very tip of the tree is attached only with a stitch.

So, when you try to move into the sides of the trees to attach them, there is a very good chance of getting the machine foot CAUGHT.  I mean CAUGHT, as in getting stuck in there.  Or the sides of the tree would flip back and get stitched down.

I tried various methods of preventing this, even spraying temporary basting spray into the cap of the can and painting it on the sides of the trees.  Mostly, I just held the sides of the tree tight between two fingers as I approached with the machine.

Anyway, it is pretty cute and it is done!

Yesterday morning was so beautiful that I decided to walk along the nature trail at Falls Lake.

It was very nice.  There are, again, some big granite clusters on the hill rising above the lake.  It almost had the feel of being in the mountains. 

You can go right down to the lake via several paths or a service road that leads to the US Forestry Service boat area.

There was only one fishing boat in the area.  No other hikers.  Very peaceful.

This trail starts below a wooden stairway near the Visitor Assistance Center on Falls of the Neuse Road.  It is an easy walk.

It is nice to have so many beautiful places to walk my dog and enjoy nature.

I mentioned that I started using Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog system on Monday.  Kasey is not too happy with the new behaviors expected of her.  After all, she is three years old and has been allowed to get away with some bad habits by myself and her previous owners.  She knows the commands Sit, Down, Stay, and Come, but does not always choose to obey them.  I think she will overcome her stubbornness in time if we stick with it.  It is already a big relief not to have her pulling on the leash when we walk.

Well, not very much!

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Vicky said...

Beautiful Quilt! Was this from a pattern? If so which one?