Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post-Storm Walk Through the Park

Yesterday, Kasey and I decided to walk through the Mill Bridge Nature Park near our home to see how it fared during last weekend's severe storms.  It did not take long to find some evidence of the damaging winds.

These were easy to step over.  One of the trees was rotten and contained an old bee's nest.

There were trees down throughout the greenway, but no others were on the trails or bridges.

Here is something new...a bench along the trail.  Right behind it are many small trees down.  I'm glad the new structure survived intact.  I wonder if this is another Eagle Scout project.

All the bridges and wooden walkways were intact.

There was a LOT of water rushing over the rocky cascades.

Which, of course, provided a good doggie pool.

I don't think this tire belongs here!  It is at the base of a hill where there was still some run-off water on the path.

The woods have really become more leafy and green since my last walk there.  Here is a red honeysuckle vine in one of the trees.

Back at home, my azaleas are in full bloom.

Once again, I am grateful that our area was spared the damage from the terrible tornadoes on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

What a nice place to take a walk! I love the color of those azaleas!

Katie said...

I think everything turned green overnight!

I drove along Penny Road today and was shocked by the damage from the tornado. Once again feeling very fortunate!