Monday, April 4, 2011

Mountain Weekend with the Family

Opening Day of Trout Season...the first Saturday in April.  In the North Carolina mountains, winter can linger into early May, and it still had a hold on us for Opening Day this year.  We woke up to a dusting of snow on the picnic tables and the cushions we use in the back of the Gator when the kids are visiting.

It continued to snow off and on all day.  It was windy, too.  Not ideal fishing weather, but the early risers had very good luck.  Most of them caught their limit.

The McBrayer cabin decided to sleep in and fish later.  Bryson and Avery fished a little. Do you see their helper to the left?

This was Kasey's first trip to the mountains when my sister's family and friends were all there with their own dogs.  Everything went well.

That's a mess of dogs!

We bundled up in parkas and went for a Gator ride across the mountain.  We took my nephew's stepdaughter, Anna, along with us. When we got to the Christmas tree farm at the top, the kids got out and ran. 

When we rode back down to the creek, we noticed that some very optimistic beavers had been busy.

We went back to my sister's place and played with the babies.  These are Katy's two grand-babies.

Their parents' friends were also there with their baby girl.  So, there were a whole mess of baby girls to amuse us.  That's Big Mike holding all three little ladies.

Sunday was a totally different story weather-wise.  We are talking sunshine, no wind, and shirt-sleeve weather.  We ate breakfast outside on those same picnic tables that had been covered with snow. We took a wonderful ride, during which five deer ran across the path in front of us.  Then we sat outside on my sister's deck and visited with my father, who Katy had driven down from Boone.  How wonderful to be able to sit out all together and enjoy the sunshine.

I had left my camera behind, so no pictures.  But, I hated to leave for home on Sunday afternoon.  It is going to be nice today, too, with a forecasted high of 83 degrees.  I hope Saturday was my last day to wear my parka this season!  The next time we see Bryson and the kids will be at the beach in two weeks. 

Come on, springtime, stick around!

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