Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Work-in-Progress

Here is the beginning of a small art quilt I am making with my needle-felting machine.  It looks kind of abstract right now, but my goal is to make it an autumn creek scene. So far it has no stitching, just layers of cotton and sheer fabrics on a piece of cotton batting.

I haven't worked much on the Zentangle hand, but have added some tiny seed beads to the other side of the background field.  It is hard to see much progress with these small beads.

Remember the white blazing stars quilt that took so long to quilt?  When last seen here, I was going to "quickly unsew" an area on the back where the tension was off.


I have spent at least three nights picking out the quilting from the ever-explanding area where the stitching on the back was too loose.  You would think that with loose tension the picking would be easy, but not when you have micro-stippled. 

So, in the meantime, I put a gorgeous quilt top of Jean's on the machine.  It is a triple Irish chain with flower prints in the large center areas.


I was having a lovely time quilting leaves, vines and flowers with NO PROBLEMS until my on-off switch broke.  Can't turn it on.  Have ordered new switches which I hope arrive soon.  I was about three-fourths done when the machine went Kaput.


Quilts on Bastings said...

Gorgeous quilting on the Triple Irish Chain Quilt. Isn't it annoying when your machine stops! Hope you get it going again soon.

Michelle said...

I love the colors in your new art quilt! Hope you get your machine fixed soon. Jean's quilt is a beauty!

Sharon House said...

Jeanne your Zentangle Hand is just fabulous! Oh to have the patience to quilt like you do! Your work is so lovely...and I am betting it is even more fabulous when you can see it in person.