Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alpha Tangle

Here is the cutest little book I just received from Joggles.com.  It is a Zentangle Alphabet!

Alpha Tangle, by Sandy Steen Bartholomew

I have been doing some doodles and even an art quilt using the Zentangle guides, but did not have a huge library of designs to choose from.  Although this book does not teach you how to draw the doodles step-by-step, it beautifully illustrates them by alphabet letter.

This is such a small book, only four inches square and very thin, that I plan to make a pocket for it on the inside cover of my Zentangle journal.

Here is a photo of some visitors to my front yard this morning:

It's not unusual at all to see Canada geese in our area.  They are everywhere, from parking lots to golf courses to just about anywhere there is a drop of water.  On my side of the street, there are at least six ponds, so they usually are not in my yard.  But it looks like they are making themselves at home.

I think they are enjoying the sunshine after a couple of rainy days.

Just stay off my front porch, please!

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Unknown said...

no geese welcome on the porch huh? haha