Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Work in Progress-Zentangle Hand

Here is what I have done so far with the Zentangle-doodled hand.  This is a little challenge that my Anything Art quilt bee started last month.  I was fairly pleased with my doodled hand, but in what context would a severed hand appear in a quilt? I don't do macabre!
The first thing I decided was to fuse a white backing fabric to the hand, because the PDF (Prepared for Dying) fabric seemed a little thin to me.
I toyed with black and white solid and print combinations, but my delicate doodles seemed a little lost among the stronger prints.  To set it off, I finally fused the hand to a gorgeous hand-dyed coral fabric.

added some patchwork in bright colors that was left over from another project.  Now I had a crazy quilt going.  But first, I added a bit of black lace to the wrist to avoid the amputated hand look! Now it is a gloved hand, or at least a glove!  And some definite color pop is going on!

Some blue-green hand-dyed fabric surrounded the patchwork to give the eye a rest.

Now what?  It needs something else.  Maybe just quilt it, and then add some hand embroidery or buttons.  Or more trim, a la crazy quilt.

This is just a fun project- no stress!  Just playing!


Elizabeth said...

Your doodled hand is fabulous and I love the lace cuff that you added!! I would be very tempted to push a bit harder on the crazy quilt theme with embroidery and some fun bits!!! Your Playing is just fabulous!!!!!

Pokey said...

I like it! I think the B/W works great in the color-filled piecing! Very Inspiring...pokey

Anonymous said...

that is such a great idea! I love to doodle and it would be fun to transfer them to a quilt. What a fun piece to embellish.

Unknown said...

I am just LOVING rocks....enough said.