Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carolina Longarm Quilt Show-Part 2

I have a few minutes before the arrival of the "grands," so I will show you a little more of the CLA quilt show.

When you walk into the show, one of the first exhibits is the category "Art Quilts, Pictorials, and Miniatures."  That is a bit of an incongruous grouping, no?  The reason is that there were few entries that would fit these groups.  Even lumped together, there were only seven.  But it made for an interesting, colorful display right at the entry.

The winner of this category was this colorful, meticulously pieced miniature with Mariner's Compass medallion in the center and teeny flying geese triangles in the border.  The quilt is Mini-Compass by Jan Struble.

Second place went to Theresa DeWalt for Joyful Challenge.

Third place was Baskets of Kisses for Lyndsie by Ann Hull of my own Capital Quilters Guild and Cyberbee.

After these cute and colorful quilts came a sea of beige, brown and white wholecloth quilts.

The winner was the exquisite Just Quilted by Gina Boone.

There was one made of "pleather" fabric, an unusual choice by Al Hutchins, which won a third place.  The back was Minkee.

At the end of this row of solid color neutrals came my weird little wholecloth, Japanese Garden.  I guess I provided color at both ends of this row of quilts!  That's the second place wholecloth quilt, Welsh Beauty by Sandi Zuker.

That's it for this edition.  Except, here is a nice surprise from the show.  I was working at the admission table at the entry to the show, and thought I recognized a lady who came in.  It dawned on me that she was one of my blog friends, Tonya from North Wilkesboro. Her main  blog is Tonya's Sewing Room.  She always leaves me lovely, encouraging comments.  Don't you love it when you meet an Internet "friend" in person!

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too bad we didn't stand behind one of those nice quilts, instead of that ladder, lol