Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early Fall in the North Carolina Mountains

We had a beautiful weekend in Ashe County in the North Carolina mountains...well, until this morning, that is, when it finally rained to end the moderate drought we had been experiencing.  But on Friday and Saturday, it was all sunshine and mild temperatures.  The woods are mostly still green, but some changes are beginning to occur in the foliage.


We had three cute baby girls to play with.  This is my nephew, Jason, with little Lacy.

And our friend Big Mike with Shel-Baby  (Shelby).

Little Ragen did not want to get on that tree branch with or without her daddy.

We had a great time watching the N.C.State football win over Georgia Tech, again with the TV in our garage and babies and dogs running around.  Melinda's dog, Haley, sported a new haircut.

It had stopped raining when we left.  The two llamas at the state research farm were close to the road and posed for some pictures.

We were treated to spectacular vistas of clouds huddled below the mountains.

I did fool around with my new Hand Lettering book and one of my journals.  I painted a colorful background, added a house and tree, and then discovered that it was upside down!  So I added some lettering in the "Whimsy" alphabet style.  To add to the directionality problems, Blogger is rotating the picture 90 degrees for some reason.

I used metallic gel pens to color in the wide part of the letters and decorate the house and trees with design elements from the book. 

The rain has continued and looks like it will be here for awhile, so this could be a good week of indoor activities like quilting and stitching.

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Unknown said...

love those mountain pictures with the clouds lurking pretty, you can't paint that if you wanted to, that's our pure nature.