Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Few Blog Referrals

My blogworld friend Vicki Welsh of Field Trips in Fiber has discontinued the blog roll on her sidebar in favor of Web Field Trips of interesting blog posts. The first two have been very enjoyable to explore, and I am pleased as punch to be included on Issue 2 about my work on the antique quilt tops.

I still like my list of favorite blogs, although I now use Google Reader to update me when there are new posts online. I would like to share a few interesting posts I have recently enjoyed.

One is from the delightful Aussie embroidery and pattern designer, Natalie Lyiner of Cinderberry Stitches. In addition to providing tutorials and sneak previews of new patterns, Natalie is one of the most talented photographers I have found in the fiber blogging world. Some people just know how to arrange elements in a photo to make it mouth-watering and charming. In June she devoted her column to "5 colors in 5 days," a fabric artist's enviable tour of jellyroll collections, ribbons, dishes, colored pencils, and other objects in her studio, with each day devoted to a specific color. I am already thinking of starting a similar color-themed series of posts. Well, mine won't be selecting charming objects from my sewing studio, the previously self-described "wreck." But I have quilts, pottery, fibers, flowers, plants, and artwork that could easily fill a post on a day when there is not much quilty going on at Chez McBrayer.

Another blog that I also enjoy is named "Spool." It is written by the owners of a new Philadelphia fabric shop by the same name. I like the look of this blog, its clean lines and lovely photographs of featured fabrics and projects. Okay, so they are trying to sell fabric, but they often give instructions for projects that have been made with some of the new fabric lines. They seem particularly partial to Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett, who admittedly are not my two favs, but their projects look very inviting. Check out the bird mobile project with free instructions. Would have been a good addition to my All Things Birdy post!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the fun side-trip - what a neat idea. And - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Do something wonderful today.