Monday, June 30, 2008

New purchases

When we got back from the NC mountains on Sunday, there was my package of new fabric from Wish Upon a Quilt. This Raleigh fabric store is also an online store, and I had ordered my additional binding fabric from them for the butterflies quilt. Great, fast service! It is not washed yet, but I believe it will be just fine for finishing this binding

I also ordered two new batiks from them on sale. Aren't they pretty?

And last week I received a package with a back order from Quilting Arts with this neat product called Mawata Hankies. Each hankie is made from one silk cocoon, carefully opened at one end and stretched over the hand. Not sure what I will do with these. They say they are suitable for silk paper. I will probably use them on an art quilt. My colors are Chagall and Van Gogh. Artsy, huh?

Here is a look at my weekend: relaxing on the pond below our cabin. We did not get in it and float this time, partly because evening thunderstorms caused both the pond and creek to look very muddy. Also, Charlie and I viewed a monster snapping turtle in the pond!
Here are some views from the top of the mountain: a dirt road, a fern bank highlighted by sun, a Christmas tree farm with daisy ornaments.


Vicki W said...

I can't believe you ever leave that place! Absolutely beautiful!

Cathie said...

Ahhhhh - what a wonderful way to spend time. And the notion of all of those people floating down the river -- well, I'd like to see that in person!!! I also wouldn't mind participating!!!