Sunday, June 1, 2008

Traveling Trunk Show

Only six days until my beach vacation begins: and my trunk is packed! No, not for the beach trip. Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation on quilting to all of the third grade classes at my school. The tie-in is using real-life math: patterns, geometry, measurement, and fractions and mixed numbers. I am looking forward to it. The kids are so cute and inquisitive in third grade.I'll try to have some pictures from this event, but we are not allowed to use the children's photographs on the Internet. By the way, notice the hooked seats on the dining room chair? Charlie's grandfather did a set of these on the dining room chairs that we have inherited. He used to do rug hooking when he was a traveling salesman.

We have been enjoying our stay-at-home weekend to catch up. DH has been more industrious than I have. He has washed both our cars, mowed our rather sizable lawn, and is now shopping for the beach trip. What a keeper! Yesterday we bought a new Motorola phone for me- a real pretty purple number. Thank goodness, they now will transfer your contact list and pictures for a small fee. I hate re-typing all the names and phone numbers in!

We had a real humdinger of a thunderstorm yesterday evening. We sat on the front porch to watch as it approached from the west. Lots of impressive lightning bolts in the distance as we practiced drinking margaritas on the porch. Then, when the storm cleared, we were treated to a beautiful sunset with the remains of the dark clouds providing contrast.


Judy S. said...

Thanks, Jeanne, for visiting my blog and for the shawl-making link. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for your quilt presentation as I, too, am a former teacher although I mostly worked with adult new learners. Have fun at the beach!

Unknown said...

Let the countdown begin. Can't wait for a Famous McBrayer Margarita.