Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Winding Down

Only two more days of classroom walls are bare and the back of my car is full of plastic storage units. After school today, I got a pedicure and manicure. Oh, my tootsies were aching and I was tired. There is nothing like a little pampering to restore the soul. And my feet are always definitely in need of professional help, with my little clubby toes and bunions. I picked a delicious shade of peachy pink polish.

When I spoke at the Piedmont Quilt Guild earlier this year, I made bookmarks out of my Mini-Moo business cards. I decided to do the same thing for the people in the office and the teachers and assistants I have worked with most closely. I taught children from four fourth grade and four third grade classes. Two are for men, the principal and a fourth grade teacher. Hope they don't mind a little colorful fiber in their lives!

My granddaughter, Lily, was born while we were on our beach vacation two years ago. I have been wrapping her birthday gifts and decorating her card and envelope with glitter glue and inks. She is getting a new bathing suit, shorts outfit, hat and backpack, and a net to catch little fish in the surf. There is a gift shop close to my home called Lily Mae's- almost personalized wrapping for DGD Lily Rhea! This is a little silver necklace. What fun to finally have a little girl! I can't wait for Friday!

This may be my last post until after our beach vacation. The people we rent our cottage from are somewhat Luddite...I doubt they have added Wi-Fi to the cottage. So, have a great week! Our temps are supposed to be around 99 for the next week. I hope there will be a breeze! If not, the surf during the day and frozen Margaritas at night will have to do the trick.

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Unknown said...

How fun I hope she enjoys her Birthday and all your loving gifts.