Monday, June 2, 2008

Quilts at School

Here I am doing my "dog and pony show" for the third grade classes at my schooll. It went pretty well! They especially liked when I passed things around for them to feel and touch. I think many were surprised at the non-traditional quilts I showed. Quite a few asked if I could teach them to quilt. Might be a few future quilters in the bunch!
I wore my patchwork dress for the occasion. I did not make it, but it was only appropriate! All in all, a fun experience. My favorite was when I showed the Green Man quilt. One of my students made a face that truly revealed her feelings. I wish I could have taken her picture. Can we just say, that one was not her favorite?

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Judy S. said...

Love the Santa/snowman quilt. Have you read The Quiltmaker's Gift?