Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yesterday, I made the hanging sleeve and binding for the butterflies quilt, applied the binding to the front by machine- and discovered that I lacked about 15 inches of binding to finish the job. Not happy! Back to the quilt shop today to buy, what, one fourth of a yard? I also cut the muslin strips to apply to JoAnn's art quilt that has no extra batting and backing. That will be the next project on the long-arm.

A much younger Avery next to my kitchen houseplants.

I also sprayed my schefflera, which has developed a sticky coating on the leaves called "honeydew." Even Avery noticed it when he was here before the beach trip. He has always loved this tree, and can never resist giving it a tap to bounce the branches. This time his hand practically stuck to the plant. It has an insect problem called "scale." Then some ants moved in to eat the honeydew. It now resides out on the screen porch instead of the kitchen. Hopefully, after another spray in two weeks, the problem will be solved and "Betty Lou" will be bug-free.

Here is another blog referral: I spent WAY too much time fascinated by the photographs and posting from the San Francisco whale watch company. I have never seen a whale except at Sea World, and if we ever go to San Francisco again, I'm going to sign up for this adventure!

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