Sunday, January 5, 2014

Now I Have to Share My Scraps

After introducing fabric collage to two of my grand kids on Friday...I have discovered a boundless source of creative play material (no pun intended!)

Caden and Lily played with my basket of scraps all night!  They made us all slippers, bandages

And mittens and scarves until we all looked like mummies.

Then they made a sewing room behind a love seat, and opened a fabric store in another corner.

I know what to give them now when they are bored!  So much better than electronic games.

Baby C turned one on Saturday.  They had a small party with only a few family members.  We got her a little motorcycle that you can ride on, or walk behind if you raise the seat.  Her daddy sent us this picture this morning!  I believe it's a hit!

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