Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun, Family, Fabric

Yesterday my son came up from South Carilina with two of his three kids.  His wife stayed home so Avery could go to his first basketball game on Saturday.

Today we went to Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh, a blast of a place for kids and only five dollars a head.

They spent a lot of time at the wood shop and the Pirate ship.

When we went to lunch at McDonalds,  Caden's front tooth came out!

When we got home,  we made fabric collage birthday cards for Baby Charlie's birthday tomorrow.  

The kids arranged fabric scraps on card stock, attached with glue stick,  then sewed them down with big needles and embroidery floss.  Neither had ever sewn anything before .  Lily did all of her stitching,  but I helped Caden after the first row.

Then they got to embellish with rickrack, ribbons, lace, and jingle bells.

Then Dave and Emily  came over with the baby,  who enjoyed playing with her big cousins. She especially liked the muscle car that we gave Caden for Christmas!

We had one more exciting adventure today.  Our dog Kasey started barking outside while we were making collages.  When we went out to see,  there was a big buck about five feet away from her, pawing the ground and rearing up!  It was only about five feet from our driveway!  It wisely ran away down into the woods.

I guess I should always believe Kasey when she is telling me there is something out there!

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