Friday, January 24, 2014

A Few Updates

When we got back on Monday,  I worked a little on my tissue- bleed fabric.

The one that I embellished with Neo-Color Crayons and then coated with Textile Medium turned out to be able to withstand water.  I stuck it under running water and the design and color stayed fast.

I worked on the quilting around this piece and got the floral outlines done. 

I don't like it yet, and may have to do some more painting/quilting in the background.

We came back up here to the mountains to a deep freeze of negative zero degrees.  They have started the walkway between our old and new cabins.

We went to Deep Gap and picked up the stone for our hearth.

We think it will look great.  They have started finishing the floors,  so we have not gone in.

It is very cold up here!  Minus 2 this morning.  A cold ride across the mountains!

My sister Katy had her puppy spayed yesterday.  Her older dog Fred was sympathetic.

I hope all of you are staying warm this weekend!

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