Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fabric Dying With Tissue

Yesterday was Anything Art Day, and we met at Peg's to try out dying fabric with bleeding tissue.  Toni had demonstrated the technique at another group, and both she and Roberta had some samples to show us.

You have to use tissue that bleeds, which should be indicated on the package.  Toni purchased hers at Jerry's Art-o-Rama, an art supply chain store.

We also used latex gloves, pre-washed fabric, and a protected surface.  Peg has a folding table that is padded and covered with thick plastic.  

Basically, you just tear off some tissue, dip it in water, and dab it onto the fabric.

You also can lay scraps of the tissue and let it bleed onto the fabric.  You can also use sponge brushes and rub them over the tissue.

Of course the colors become less bright when they dry.  Here are two of my wet pieces.

And here they are dry.

This was really fun.  Ruth-Ellen used printed fabric and got some interesting results.

I am looking forward to adding some additional surface design to make something from these pieces.

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