Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beautiful prize from Fannie Narte

With all the traveling and excitement of the Christmas season,  I have been remiss in not blogging about the Facebook prize I won from artist and quilter, Fannie Narte of Hawaii!

Fannie calls this a coffee mug rug.  She has been doing some beautiful paintings with oil pastels.  This "mug rug" is a print of one of her paintings, with some of her signature black quilting.

You can see more of Fannie's work at her Etsy store at

I have been a fan of Fannie's art for a long time.  I purchased this piece of artwork from her Etsy shop way back in 2008.

Fannie lives in Kona, Hawaii, which just happens to be one of the places where we spent a lot of time on our 40th anniversary trip to Hawaii in 2011.  I love following her on Facebook and seeing photos of  the beautiful island she calls home.

Mahalo, Fannie, for my lovely prize.

You are loved! 

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