Monday, August 9, 2010

Quilt Bee and Mountain Weekends

Last Thursday, I hosted a second quilt activity at my house.  My local quilt bee got started just as the skies darkened and thunder was rumbling above.  I lit some candles and we had a power flicker, but never lost power.

I only remembered to take one show-and-tell picture.  This stunning log cabin quilt was made by Irene Hardister, who was unable to attend.  She made the top and did all the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, but she got Donna Sontag to quilt the outer borders for her.  This is the partially completed border that Donna quilted on her computer-guided machine.  Looks great!

We have spent the past two weekends at our cabin in the North Carolina mountains.  It is so much cooler and very relaxing to be in the hills.  It was my nephew's birthday on Saturday, so there were quite a few young people there to help him celebrate.  They brought their babies and their dogs. 

Two of these three little girls are my great nieces.  My sister, Katy, got a Little Tykes play set with a couple of slides and tables.  It was so cute to watch the little ones having fun.  This one is my niece Melinda's little girl, Ragen, who is getting way too grown!

My window boxes are doing pretty well, but the deer have discovered that they like red salvia, and have snipped off some from the left side.  I would love to look out a window and see a deer munching on my flowers!

We had some nice rides up to the top of the mountain, which is especially nice at sunset. 

I am putting the finishing touches on my art quilt of Maggy treeing the raccoon, and hope to post the final pics in a couple days. 

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