Monday, August 30, 2010

More Journal Pages

I used some of my new painted journal pages to make a spread about our weekend house guest.  I hated to see him go!  We also enjoyed getting to see his parents, Dave and Emily .

This one uses a Moroccan-style whimsical border from Violette's book Journal Bliss.  The frolicking couple are yard ornaments from a garden catalog that I painted black instead of the rusty copper that they were originally.  This one makes me chuckle!

I used another bright painted background for a spread about my recent trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. I like the layered look of the background.  I printed with bubble packaging, net bags, and bottle lids, as well as a commercial butterfly stamp.

I have not been totally neglecting my Zentangle journal.  Here is a Zentangle bloom.  Kind of busy, but it was fun to do.  I have been trying some ideas with my Zentangle hand, but have not arrived at anything I like yet as far as an art quilt.

Here is another background  just waiting for some collage, doodling or journaling.  Right now it looks like a colorful fringed stripper bra, no?  If I added some glitter?

Maybe this weekend in the mountains will inspire some journaling.

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Cathie said...

Love your journaling Jeanne. You're really getting the hang of it aren't you! Roo is a cutiepuss!