Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mountain Weekend

Charlie and I went up on Thursday to our cabin in Ashe County, North Carolina, for a weekend of fun, family, and friends.  It rained on the way up, but Friday was gorgeous.  We enjoyed a great ride over the mountain in the sunshine.

Friday night our son Dave and DIL Emily arrived, as did our friends Tom and Pauline.  On Saturday, we headed out to Todd for an outdoor concert featuring two bluegrass groups, and then the beloved legend Doc Watson.

Here I was while we were waiting to the acts to begin.

Here is what happened about an hour later.

Yep, it started raining hard.  We were game for quite awhile, but it just did not let up.

Finally, we were getting soaked, and just went home.  Too bad!  The first group of young ladies called the Forget-Me-Nots were very good musicians.  Two are sisters, and their dad accompanies them on guitar.  So cute, and they performed many of their own songs.

So, of course today was bright and beautiful again.  We took several rides up the mountain.

The wildflowers are huge and colorful.  These are asters and goldenrod.

Our granddog, Roo, was along, and had a wonderful time.  Here he is cooling his feet in the creek after we came back down the mountain.

Just look at all that bright sunlight on the wildflowers in front of a neighbor's barn.

You can't win them all.  It was too bad about the concert, but you can't really complain when you have such a beautiful place to visit on weekends.

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