Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Work in Progress

It has been a long time since I've posted a Wednesday Work-in-Progress.  Maybe because I have not been working on very many personal quilts this year.  I've decided to work on some of my own projects for at least a part of every day. 

Here are some squares and rectangles on the design wall.  Some are sewn together, others just being auditioned for the right placement. 

I also began preparations for the second blazing stars antique quilt top that I promised to complete for my sister-in-law.  Here is the first one, which turned out very pretty after it was quilted. Lots and lots of feather circles, micro-stippling, and "line dancing" within each diamond.

Before you can begin to quilt one of these 1970's quilt tops made by my brother's wife's grandmother, there is a lot of work to do.  The two quilts with the blazing stars were sewn partly by hand and partly by machine.  The seams are coming undone, are twisted all around

and there are unbelievable thread tails and tangles.

In addition to that mess, I had to add three-inch strips of white muslin around each border, to even up the sides and keep the points from being chopped off when I squared the finished quilt.

So, while I watched the rain and lightning from my third-floor sewing room window today, I ironed and trimmed and stitched and listened to an audio book.

Now the quilt backing is draped over my Gammill rollers, misted and under the ceiling fan, which I hope will remove all the wrinkles so I won't have to iron it before mounting the quilt sandwich.

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Unknown said...

the star quilt is just gorgeous!!! I think it was worth all the