Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing North Carolina Artist David Starbuck

We are spending a rare weekend at home instead of in the mountains, and yesterday was a wonderful day.  Friends Tom and Pauline, Charlie and I went to the Fourth Annual Art Fair at the Dockside Marina at Lake Gaston, North Carolina.    Usually I would never include the words Art Fair and my husband in the same sentence, as that is much more "my thing" than his.  However, we especially wanted to see our friend David Starbuck's original artwork on display at the fair. 

David is a very successful engineer who has recently developed a passion for painting in acrylics.  He is self-taught, and has rendered amazingly realistic paintings of North Carolina lighthouses, mountain and lake scenes, houses, and wildlife. 

In the picture below, David is standing next to a gorgeous painting of a sunset at Lake Gaston.  This painting is also featured on the home page of his website,  I am blocking the view of his painting of a lake house, but you can see it here.

His newest painting was displayed on an easel in his booth.  It is a sunset painted on a topographical map of Lake Gaston.  He will make more of these types of paintings available by commission on your choice of six maps.

In addition to his newly-discovered talent as a painter, David has mastered the art of carving wooden duck calls.  He demonstrated the duck call for us in the tent, and I fully expected all the ducks on Lake Gaston to come flying over to check us out!   Here David is showing one of his duck calls to Tom, Charlie, and Pauline.  I am not interested in duck hunting, but I would love to own one of these works of art!

Some people are just good at everything they try, aren't they?  David would love to do a commissioned painting or duck call for you.  He also has some limited series signed prints available for sale.

And of course, you are wondering about his last name.  No, David does not own a coffee shop empire.  He is, however, descended from the Starbuck family of Nantucket, whose last name was given to a character in the famous Melville novel Moby Dick, and it was first-mate Starbuck whose last name was borrowed for the famous ubiquitous coffee house chain.

You can learn more about this very personable and talented Raleigh artist on his website, which also lists his contact information


pooh said...

Hi David

It was great to get your email and letting us know your new adventure. Your art is great and I especially loved the light houses. I wish you all the best. I have missed talking to you every no and then.

Paulette Kittle/Southbridge

Loftus said...

That guy looks like he ATE David Starbuck!