Thursday, July 1, 2010


Here is Beverly's finished quilt with die-cut flowers lined up, marching in rows.

The cutting garden I planted in front of our porch on Easter weekend also has flowers marching along.  I am especially happy with the marigolds and sunflowers, all of which I ordered from Gurney's.

The sunflowers are about five-six feet tall, with assorted color schemes.  I like the yellow and brown combination.

And this orange/yellow flower is rather splendid.

There are many heads blooming on the same stalk without the need for staking.

The Fourth of July is approaching, so here is a little blue bachelor's button that made it into the garden somehow...

And, although I first feared that Audrey II had been killed by last winter's heavy freezes, here are the buds about to open again.  They will be a vibrant, glowing red.

We are having gobs of company this weekend, including Dave and Emily and little Roo, eight of their friends, four more dogs, and Charlie's brothers and families.  Should be a glorious Fourth!


Unknown said...

love that flower quilt....and your flowers, i bet the smell is terrific

SheilaC said...

Someone (squirrel, raccoon?) always eats the flowers off of my sunflowers before they are fully grown... frustrating! :/

Yours are beautiful!


Unknown said...

Cool blog and I am now following yours too. I like your mixed media pieces alot!