Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun at Mary Jo's

We had an easy trip to Gastonia.  As soon as we got to the exit for Mary Jo's, a black cloud appeared above, along with thunder, lightning, and rain.  I was given an hour to whirl through the store, and when I came out, the rain was just ending.  I was looking for red and gold fabrics for a project I am contemplating.  I got some yardage and some fat quarters ($1.39/yard) and other large scraps ($.25).

Then I broswed through the scrap bags of laces and trims.  One 99-cent bag had 27 pieces of lace about eight inches long- perfect for post cards and small art quilts.

I chose another because it contained various widths of white and beige twill tape.  Ruth-Ellen showed us how to print on twill tape with an inkjet printer at one of our Anything Art bee meetings.  Now I have some twill tape to experiment with.

I picked up some colored rickrack

and two nice pieces of white silk ready for painting

and some other stuff, and I am happy!

The pool party was lots of fun.  There was a little rain, but most of the thunderstorms went around us, and we spent all Saturday afternoon enjoying Richard's pool.  When we got home, I cut the grass, Charlie washed the car, and then the thunderstorms began here.  Perfect timing!


Unknown said...

I've never been to Mary Jo's in Gastonia. That's where I grew up, that area and Lincolnton. Maybe I should go?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How do you print on twill tape with an inkjet printer? That sounds interesting! Your shopping trip sounded great! :-)

Del said...

I concur - can't imagine feeding twill tape into a printer! Share the secret, please! Glad you avoided the storms. Del