Monday, July 12, 2010

Trying Out Zentangles

Yes, it is still very hot here in central North Carolina, and the HVAC guys have been here since 9:00 AM installing a new system to replace part of our sixteen-year old air conditioning units.  I got up at about 6:30 AM in order to clear off the steps and landing to my finished attic rooms so they could install the new duct work and returns up there.  We are told that the new system will be much more efficient, which is good.  Usually it is too hot or too cold upstairs.

Anyway, I have been staying downstairs again where the A/C still works.  I decided to try my new sketchbook for making Zentangle Doodles.  I bought the Zentangle Basics book to help me get started, since I really didn't "get it" with Zentangles.

I had heard my art bee member Ruth-Ellen Flanagan mention Zentangles, and  the vendor newsletters from Joggles. com always mention Zentangles, so I decided to jump in.  The first thing I drew was the illustration above.  Nothing like not beginning at the beginning.

That was fun, so I copied another demo from the book.

Somewhat addicting!  I made a few boo-boos on the above attempt, so I decided maybe I should actually practice some of the doodles before doing another big sketch.  I tried drawing what they call "tiles" with the helpful step-by-steps.

I immediately realized that many of the Zentangle patterns were similar to quilting blocks or quilting designs.  Flukes looks like Log Cabins.

Of course, the Squares grid looks like patchwork, and the Flying Geese are familiar to all quilters.

I will probably apply some of the doodle designs to my machine quilting.

There is a Zentangles web page with lots of information if you are intrigued by this art form using repetitive patterns.

While reading Melanie Testa's blog, I decided to check out the Laura Marling album that she was praising.  Well, look at the cover art of Laura's first album (Alas, I Cannot Swim)!  Whole lotta doodles going on!

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Melinda Cornish said...

I have seen some pretty cool ones.....I always think of it as doodles in black and white....
It is hot here too and my sewing room is upstairs....I have a.c, but you can still feel the heat.