Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Light, Star Bright

Thanks for your patience during my no-sew period while I tried to avoid heat stroke by staying out of the upstairs of my house.  Although our air conditioning was supposed to be fixed on Monday, they had to come back out on Tuesday and work another four or five hours.  Finally, today it was cool upstairs and my sewing room did not feel like a sweat shop! 

Here is the first of two quilts for my customer Pam.  It is a pattern called Star Light, Star Bright, a very scrappy and fun quilt.  Pam chose a dark purple thread which disappears in the purple sashing and border, but shows up beautifully in the lighter areas and on the backing.

I did free-motion leaves, swirls, and flowers all over.

Here is the light floral backing fabric.

It's funny, but I did another scrappy star quilt in purple for my friend Mary not long ago.  That one was made from the Lucky Stars pattern.

We just watched Crazy Heart on DVD.  Loved Jeff Bridges, and will probably purchase the music CD.


Unknown said...

it is really pretty and the backing fabric is so always do a nice job....

Unknown said...

such a colorful quilt....i love your quilting, as always

Vicki W said...

You must have had some serious withdrawal!

Pokey said...

It is so pretty with the purple sashes, and I like the backing print. Love all the colors!