Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not Very Quilty Visit to Chicago

Art and Architecture:  Yes
Quilting Shops/Shows/Sightings/Purchases: No

Having said that, I will share with you some highlights of my past few days in Chicago, where Mr. Quilty and I spent the last few days.  We were hoping to avoid the oppressive heat here in North Carolina, but it followed us to Chi-Town where they experienced their hottest day of the year on Friday.

Our hour and a half flight from Raleigh-Durham was actually an eight-hour trip from the time we left home to the time we got from the airport to downtown .  There were travel delays due to thunderstorms, and bumper-to-bumper traffic at rush hour.  We just had time to hop on the trolley hired to take our group to Smith and Wollensky.  I would say the temperature inside the trolley was about 100 degrees. 

On the way to the restaurant, we saw lots of scenes similar to this one, with piles of rubble, street lamps laying on their sides, and I wondered, "What in the world is Chicago doing to its streets?"  We found out later that they are filming the next "Transformers" movie on location.  The piles of concrete and destruction are Styrofoam!

We ate at Smith and Wollensky, right on the Chicago River, and enjoyed the lights on the river at the gloaming.  (Proud of myself for working in one of the words of the day from Wordsmith!)

Next day, Charlie had business meetings all day.  I purchased a ticket online before I arrived for the River and Lake Architecture tour starting at Michigan Avenue.  The Chicago River looks green even when they haven't dyed it for St. Patrick's Day, doesn't it?

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, photo ops, and narration by the personable tour guide.  It took ninety minutes, and Lake Michigan was probably one of the coolest outdoor places to be on this hot hot day. I loved seeing the reflections in some of these fabulous buildings.

Before entering Lake Michigan, the boat has to tie up at the Chicago Harbor lock and take in some water.  Very interesting process!

You get great views of Navy Pier and the skyline from the lock and also during the tour.

I enjoyed watching this four-masted sailing ship (schooner?) making its way around the lake.

A glorious morning on the water!

Next time I will share some of my other experiences at The Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park, and some fabulous artsy shops.  Tonight we celebrate youngest son Dave's 29th birthday!

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