Monday, August 3, 2009

Audrey II is here!

If you read my garden post yesterday to the end, you would have seen the above picture of a strange bud on my plant that I have named Audrey II (see Little Shop of Horrors.) This morning, the flower opened up. It is at least seven inches in diameter. Look at this big girl!

The bloom looks somewhat like a huge hibiscus...does anyone know?
Meanwhile, I am hoping not to have any visits from a dentist on a motorcycle...or to hear the words, "FEED ME!"

On another topic, one of my fabric postcards from my Etsy shop was featured on a very clever blog recently. Although it is somewhat related to this garden post...the postcard was Garden Visitor!


Unknown said...

Ha ha! Audrey!!! That bud really does look like Audrey, LOL! That is hilarious. Ironically, it was my dentist who told me about "The Little Shop of Horrors" all the while drilling my teeth. No joke!

Judy S. said...

Might your Audrey be a mallow, Jeanne? We've had several Audreys at our house; I loved that show!