Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend of Fabric and Fun

Thursday night it was my turn to host the Whacky Ladies quilt bee at my home. I hauled my Babylock Embellisher and lots of fun fibers down to the kitchen for a little demo. Then some of the ladies tried their hand. A few of them went home with a project to turn into a bookmark or postcard.

This demo almost did not happen because I decided to clean and oil the machine and replace a broken needle (one of twelve) before the meeting. It took forty-five minutes to remember how to get the needle cartridge back in!

Then on Friday morning, we set off for the western part of the state for a McBrayer family party at brother-in-law Richard's home. He has a beautiful above-ground pool with a sun deck all around, and this year we had a beautiful sunny weekend.

Going to visit any of Charlie's siblings usually means I get to shop at Mary Jo's Cloth Store on the way. I did a lot of damage in a short time! I got a yard of beautiful white silk that I hope to paint or dye, lots of fat quarters for only $1.25 each,

and some gorgeous batiks for playing with the techniques in the Bold and Beautiful book I got last week.

They had some rubbing plates for Shiva Paintstiks, and I got the Garden Flowers one.

And lots of notions. Everything costs less there, and I always stock up!

This year our son Bryson was able to attend the pool party at Richard's, and brought the grandkids. They loved the pool, and we loved the time together. Lily and I added lots more pictures to our sketchbook

And Avery and I had fun fooling around with the digital camera and taking pictures of ourselves!

Today our Internet, air conditioning, and my sewing machine are all in working order...but I have to finish my last assignment for my online class to teacher renewal credit. Must wait til later to play with my new toys!

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