Monday, August 24, 2009

My Grandchildren Delight Me

The weekend pressure-washing trip was very successful. My son's house is set very far back from the street, but there is a dirt road on the side that goes by a cotton field. (Did I mention it was in South Carolina?) The cars going down that road really stir up the dust which settles on the house, carport, swing set, everything! Now it is all gleaming and looking great.

Along with the pressure-washer, we took our old kitchen table and chairs down there. Before, they used their dining room area as an extension of the living room/play area for the kids, and just had a kid-size table. I brought along a table cloth and some quilted place mats. Now I realize that was not too smart in a home with two little kids. I should have brought easy-wipe-off vinyl mats! Anyway, I had no sooner started to set the table when three-year old Lily started bringing out various toy people and animals and tucking them under the "quilts!"

The silverware even got to take a nap under the "quilts" next to Strawberry Shortcake and The (Naked) Little Mermaid!

When I was in the bathroom, I heard a little tap at the door. I opened it to discover this:

I was fine with Batman and the web slinger, but that plastic snake- not so much!

We always do a lot of artwork when I am with the children. I decided to share some of the glitter I bought at Etc. Crafts last week with Lily. She was excited about the shiny glitter, but got her "gl" blend words mixed up. She kept asking to play with my "igloo!"

Since she still likes to pick at everything, I think I will get some frames for the glitter artwork.The sidewalk art did not last after the pressure-washing, but was lots of fun on Saturday. Avery wanted a fire-breathing dragon

and Lily wanted Tinkerbelle and flowers. OOPS! Peter Pan's crocodile is getting close!

The kids were getting along so well on Saturday. They made a game out of just about everything, including the trailer we used to haul stuff from home. You can see that red dirt road in the background. It was a great weekend!


Cathie said...

Jeanne, the two pictures made me laugh out loud and touched my heart. Lily tucking the critters under the placemats - just like her grandma tucks her under her little quilts. Symbolism here. And Batman - oh batman. Little boys are just amazing and I can't tell you how many pictures I have of Sal dressed just like that - off on some adventure. What a great childhood these kids have. Pure and simple. Keep the video games AWAY!

Cathie said...

Oh my - forgot the original reason I came to visit you was to give you this blog address. (I forgot all about it after looking at those pictures!) Anyway, I've been visiting this blog for a long time and thought you would enjoy it too.