Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anything Art...and lots of Art Things

Yesterday was my first AA meeting. Nope, not Alcoholics Anonymous...the new "Anything Art" quilt bee! Eight of us met yesterday at Peg's house in Raleigh. Isn't her front porch welcoming! Her house would get along well with my house. She has purple trim and I have teal! I love the pottery and metalwork.

Her home and gardens were very inspiring.

I knew a few members of the bee already, and enjoyed making several new friends from the guild. We are going to meet once a month at each other's home, and take turns doing mini-workshops or demos with various materials or techniques. I signed up for Shiva Paint Stiks and Tsukineko inks in September. Might as well, I already have all those samples I made for the longarm meeting.

Four of us lingered over a long lunch after the meeting. Then, since I was in the Big City, I stopped at Panopolie to get some more gold beads, this cute little bead pan, wool roving, and some hand-dyed silk ribbon.

Then, today, I got a package of goodies from the Quilting Arts store. Oh, boy, oh, boy! My quilt bee might be treated to store-bought cookies Thursday night while I ogle and play with my new toys!
First, a new book...I can't wait to dive into this! Bold and Beautiful Artful Quilts from Just One Fabric, by Judi Dains.

More Angelina fibers...

a cool stencil and some better stencil paintbrushes...an interesting package called Silk Sensations by Oliver Twists...which I had to get out of its plastic wrapper and run my fingers through. Looks like some cocoons in there...I think I'll dig into the book first. The heating and air conditioning guys are here again, as our upstairs air conditioning is out again. We were leaking coolant out of a coil. Anyway, no way to work on the second or third floors for any sewing or quilting. And still no Bernina.

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Cathie said...

A feast for the eyes Jeanne! What a delicious bunch of yummy goodies you got. That book looks like a "must have" for me. Right up my ally. And your new "bee" sounds amazing. Perfect for what we like to do - and mingling with others that you can bounce ideas off of and learn things from will be so great.