Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Mermaids

I was reading some blog posts by fellow Pamela Allen class member, Ann Grayton of Florida, which got me thinking about mermaids. Ann just finished a fabulous two-tailed mermaid quilt, inspired by the female "nixie" on the Starbucks labels.

I personally had never noticed a mermaid on any Starbucks label, but I usually just drink my coffee at home. Starbucks is for airport terminals or staying in hotels. But, I digress.

My daughter-in-law Emily has a rather vast collection of mermaidabilia. In college, she looked very much like the Darryl Hannah mermaid in Splash. She had the long, wavy blond hair, and also loves to swim. Anyway, I made a mermaid quilt for her when she turned 21 in college. She and Dave were dating, but not engaged yet. I may have made her this little quilt hoping to lure her into sticking with my son.

"Bar Mermaid" was on the screen of her cell phone, which she left at my house after a visit one time, so I used that as the theme. This quilt was so much fun to make. Lots of embellishment, buttons, shiny quilting with sparkly threads on the tail and fins...

and I think she liked it!

Since their marriage, Dave has banned any further mermaids from entering the home, but we still manage to sneak in something mermaidy at almost every birthday. We don't want her to get away!

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Unknown said...

That is so cute! It made me chuckle! :)