Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Galveston Sunset

No Wednesday Work-in-Progress today...I finished this piece last night!
Galveston Sunset, 2009, 17" x 22"
This one needs to be shipped today for a presentation on Saturday, so I have been working hard for the last couple of days since returning from our mountain trip.
The quilt is based on photographs of the view from the recipient's house in Galveston, Texas. The home was destroyed during Hurricane Ike last year. The homeowners say that what they missed the most was watching the sun set over the water of Galveston Bay.

I had a short turn-around time on this one, but once I decided on my method, it came together quickly. After several unsuccessful attempts to layer or paint fabric, I decided to build the backgrounds using my Babylock Embellisher. I had some beautiful hand-dyes that I used for the sky, strip of land, and water. I needle-punched these to a batting background, and then started layering various sheer and shiny fabrics and fibers on top.
The sun is white satin that has some colored sheers overlaid.

The reflections in the water also include some Angelina and Tinzl for sparkle.Once the backgrounds were completed, I rough-cut the pilings and birds and strip of land. The slightly frayed edges of the fabric help to give the look of old wood and landscapes. (Thank you, Pamela Allen, for introducing me to scissors again!)

I painted the dog and pier with a combination of Tsukineko inks, colored pencils, and fabric markers. I wanted a little texture on the planks of the pier, so I cut up some gray knit gloves and stitched them down, and covered the whole dock with black tulle.

Because of the time constraints, I combined machine applique with machine-quilting. I used some shiny rayon threads that really add some gleam. For the back, I also used some hand-dyed fabric that resembles sea and sky. Most of the bobbin threads blend with the backing fabric, but the black outlines show up nicely for some "back art."

I started my new job yesterday, and was delighted to find that I am sharing my classroom with the same teacher as last year. She is also retired and about my age. We also have a lovely younger teacher who is joining us this year. We have already gotten the classroom set up in just half a day. Soon we will meet the kids who will be our students, but I am not sure when we actually begin having classes.

I have lots and lots of mountains pics and adventures to blog about, plus a nice hand-painted card from a special artistic Valentine to share next time.


Michelle said...

Jeanne, this piece is stunning! I love it. How sad that they lost their beach home ... the story of so many. I know they will treasure this artwork.

Karen E. Overton said...

I am amazed at your art. A very good likeness of Galveston Bay. My hubby and I were just talking yesterday at lunch how much we miss our walks on the Seawall -- Ike took a lot from a lot of us. How special that your friends have a tangible reminder of the wonderful sunsets shared. There's just something special about Galveston and you captured it in your art.

Cathie said...

Oh my Jeanne - this is soooooo pretty. I'd say you were very successful in your "attempts" as your sky, water and reflection are quite convincing. Michelle is right, this will be treasured, I'm sure. Very, very nice work.

Carole said...

Jeanne, this is lovely... what a treasure for the recipient. I am always enthralled with the various techniques artists use to accomplish their 'mission'. Well done, thank you for sharing.

Vicki W said...

Jeanne, it's fantastic!

Unknown said...

Wow! That sunset is gorgeous! You've done such a beautiful job capturing that in fiber art!:)

Carole Lewis said...

I am the grateful recipient of your beautiful depiction of the Sunset on Galveston Bay. Words cannot adequately express my sincere appreciation for this beautiful piece. Johnny and I will treasure it forever. I have never been so surprised by a gift before and I can't stop looking at the beautiful colors and textures. You are an exquisite artist.
Blessings to you,
Carole Lewis
First Place 4 Health Director

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed at how you took elements from several photos and created this wonderful art quilt. The key was including the dog in the foreground. When Carole first opened the quilt, she didn't realize what she was looking at...but looked puzzled as she quietly stated "This dog looks just like Meathead..." When we told her "It IS Meathead," she realized that this was HER sunset over HER bay and it was SO FUN to watch her face light up! "Oh, I wish Johnny was here -- he loves this dog!" she said over and over. Carole went on to share with us that her husband and Meathead (the neighbor's dog) became so inseparable that eventually the neighbor "deeded" the dog over to them!

Thank you, Jeannie, for making this good intention turn into a reality! God has used your art and your heart in a powerful way!

I love you, sister!