Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come On, Spring!

We continue to alternate between Winter and Spring here in central North Carolina. So many plants and trees have budded and sprouted. My first daffodils bloomed this week.

This is kind of a strange angle because these little guys are only about three inches tall. I don't remember planting any bulbs for that size, but I think I may have bought a pot of them in bloom at the grocery store and then stuck the whole plant in the garden when the flowers died back. They are very cute! The taller ones have buds, but no blooms yet.

And here is the pink camellia that was blooming back before the snows in January. It is trying to bloom again. Most of the buds have a little brown on them, so I hope they are not all spoiled.

Today was my first day of working with students at my new job. It went pretty well. It is amazing how much less tiring it is to just work half a day. I like it!

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