Monday, March 3, 2008

Quilts get new homes

I got a good laugh this morning looking at the title of my last post, "I'm Classy!" Of course it referred to me taking a class and beginning to teach classes. The reason it is striking me funny is that I am currently dressed as a pig! It is Read Across America Day, or some such, and we are all supposed to go to school dressed as our favorite children's book. So, it's Charlotte's Web for me. I'll have to get someone to take my picture later.
This weekend I delivered the Hunting Season quilt to James's parents to take to him, and the Lilly Pulitzer quilt to Ellen's mother to take to her in Florida over Easter. And the white wedding quilt which I made for Dave and Em is now looking beautiful in their freshly painted bedroom with refinished sleigh bed. I will post more tonight about our beautiful mountain weekend and delightful impromptu housewarming last night at David and Emily's, to celebrate their restored and newly purchased furniture. Finally the end of the story after their apartment building burned down last September.

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Vicki W said...

Oh, you absolutely must post a photo from "dress up" at school! Sounds like you are already enjoying it. The quilt looks beautiful.