Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WIP: Green Man

I quickly put together this little composition for Lesson 2 of Think Like an Artist, my online workshop with Pamela Allen. I am learning so much from this class, just by looking at the work of the other students and reading the comments with suggestions.

For Lesson 2, we were to choose two colors, and use light, medium, and dark values of both. We were to avoid "pure" hues except for details. I finally decided on green and brown, so I could make something woodsy. You know me, I love the outdoors, woods, mountains... so after I put down my three background pieces, it occurred to me to try The Green Man. I have always admired the sculptures and images of him. This is a pretty far cry from the still life I started in Lesson 1! I can see him getting lots more layers of leaves, dimensional quilting, some bits of sticks, maybe a bird's nest!

I posted my Green Man to the Think Like an Artist class, and almost immediately got a response from Pamela that knocked my socks off! I am not sure if I have permission to post her Photo-Shopped version of my piece, so will have to wait. But now I am totally excited by this creation and its potential! Suffice it to say, I was following the instruction to lay down three shapes for the background. Now I am going to make it all leafy and botanical and wild! Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is DH's birthday, and we are going out with Dave and Emily (son and DIL in Raleigh) to the Outback Steakhouse for supper. I have wrapped his presents and have a cake in the oven. We are taking tons of stuff to the mountains on Thursday, including a new lawn mower, the awesome bird feeder and pole I got for Christmas, DH's new television antenna, and a nightstand that I am borrowing from our guest room for my side of the bed up there. We are taking a trailer to haul behind the truck. Big gas expense, but that's the only way it will all get there. It will be lovely to be in the mountains for Easter. If I don't get a chance to blog again until then, I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. We are off from school Friday for my first vacation day since going back to work in February.


Vicki W said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting some sewing time with you new job. This is going to be an awesome peice! Have a great Easter in the mountains.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

The green man is a great idea, I can't wait to see how he comes out! This class is really fun, and it's interesting to see how they change from the first version to the finished layout. I imagine they will change even more before we are done with them.